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  • 新澳门葡京真人娱乐


    much easier to make a treacherous a■ttack on an opponent while 91 approachin■g apparently with the friendly intent■ion of shaking hands! Their method of

  • 新澳门葡京真人娱乐


    t●ree-cutting was a somewhat dangerous one,■ as they simply cut into the tree near the gr●ound, without any regard to the ●direct

  • 新澳门葡京真人娱乐


    ion in which it was likely t■o fall, so that serious injuries● during tree-felling operations were by no ■means uncommon. The Kikuy

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and each hill had its own chief, who li●ved in a state of continual wa■rfare with his neighbours. No man w■as s

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afe in travelling about 92■ the country, except on certain days w■hen a sort of general market w■as held, during

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the continuance of ●which a truce seemed to exist, hostil●ities being resumed again as soon as it was● over. Kar

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uri used to visit me nearly ever●y day, and from him I learne●d all about the country. Even he● seemed afraid to go

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    ld towards red■ucing the country to somethin■g like order. I gathered, from conversations wi■th Karuri and the older men of the village,■ that at one time

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    the country ■was believed to have been covered with a va■st forest, inhabited by a race of pigmi■es, whom they called Maswatch-wany

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    a. Thes●e people did not cultivate the land, but li■ved by hunting, and the legend sa●id that the wife of a Masai, who was very bad

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